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Clinical Services

Behavior Support Services

A team of Behavior Specialists and assistants develop functional analyses of behavior, and work closely with the support team to develop individualized behavioral supports designed to help reinforce positive and appropriate behaviors while decreasing less adaptive behaviors. The clinicians visit sites throughout the agency to provide support and training to the staff and individuals at those locations. The support plans are goal-based, proactive in nature, and strive to minimize the use of rights restrictions, and/or artificial consequences. Counseling services are provided as needed under the supervision of the consulting psychologist. Crisis management support is available from a staff on call during all non-business hours.

Behavioral approaches have the most evidence for treating Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). They have become widely accepted among educators and healthcare professionals and are used in many schools and treatment clinics. A notable behavioral treatment for people with ASD is called Applies Behavior Analysis. ABA encourages desired behaviors and discourages undesired behaviors to improve a variety of skills.

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Horizons Clinic

Available in Jefferson County

Horizons Article 16 Clinic is a New York State Office of People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) certified treatment facility that provides clinical services to people with developmental disabilities who are enrolled in Medicaid.

The Arc Jefferson - St. Lawrence serves as a satellite site for the Onondaga ARC Horizons Article 16 Clinic, providing therapeutic and clinical services to the public.


420 Gaffney Drive
Watertown, NY 13601


Mountain Lake Services

Available in St. Lawrence County

Mountain Lake Services is a New York State Office of People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) certified treatment facility that provides clinical services to people with developmental disabilities who are enrolled in Medicaid.

The Arc Jefferson - St. Lawrence serves as a satellite site for the Mountain Lake Services, providing therapeutic and clinical services to the public.


6 Commerce Lane
Canton, NY 13617

63 1/2 South Main Street
Norwood, NY 13668


Individuals four years and older who have been diagnosed with a developmental disability before their 22nd birthday and meet OPWDD eligibility requirements are eligible for services at the Horizons Clinic.

Our clinical team at The Arc Jefferson - St. Lawrence consists of Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy Assistants, Occupational Therapists, Occupational Therapy Assistants and Speech-Language Pathologists

Clinical Services Provided

  • One-time evaluations and ongoing:
    • Physical Therapy Services
    • Occupational Therapy Services
    • Speech Therapy Services
  • Wheelchair Evaluations
  • Adaptive Equipment Evaluations
  • Feeding Evaluations

Clinicians at the The Arc Jefferson - St. Lawrence are licensed, dedicated and professional staff that have numerous years of combined experience with children and adults with developmental disabilities and their unique needs.

Affiliation with The Arc Jefferson - St. Lawrence is not necessary to receive clinical services at The Arc Jefferson - St. Lawrence. Contact your Medicaid Service Coordinator today to make an appointment.


8am-4pm (by appointment only)


Nursing Department

Nursing photoNursing photoNursing photo

A team of Registered Professional Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Medical Secretary and Nursing Department/Transportation Aide promotes, restores and maintains the optimal health of the people we support. This department ensures day-to-day management of care and develop individualized plans which include instructions for the support staff to ensure proper treatment is provided.

The Nursing Department acts as the medical advocates for the people we support throughout The Arc Jefferson - St. Lawrence; this includes those who live at home while attending their Day Program, everyone who lives in our residential sites and the children who are part of Bright Beginnings Preschool.

This team promotes independence by involving each person in their own plan of care, with the provision of continuity of healthcare through the Team approach. We collaborate with other health care professionals to ensure that each person receives the best medical care possible.

Each day we assess, triage, and address the medical concerns of the people we support and provide training and assistance, not only to the people, but to families and support staff as well. This team of professionals ensures that there is nursing availability at all times to address any medical concerns.


Speech Therapy

The Arc JSLC Speech TherapyThe Arc JSLC Speech TherapyThe Arc JSLC Speech Therapy

Making Speech Pathology Work Even in Tough Times

The Speech-Language Pathology department at The Arc Jefferson - St. Lawrence maintained services to early intervention, preschool, and adults throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. When schools suddenly closed, the team quickly learned to use Zoom and re-organized therapy materials to be useful in a teletherapy context. Services were provided while children were in the car at McDonald’s drive-thru, hiding under blankets at home and standing on their dining room tables. This crew truly “made it work!”

Through the use of websites such as BoomLearning, PBSkids, Vooks, ABCya, Edpuzzle and Pinkcat games, the Speech Dept. staff members were able to target a number of speech and language goals such as; articulation, increasing length of phrases, using sign language to request and teaching basic concepts and vocabulary.

The group used time during the pandemic to enhance their knowledge by training on the use of to organize virtual materials and easily access materials during a session. One of the speech pathologists completed the Lingraphica Certification Program. Based on the Lingraphica training and virtual field trips, the team has been able to secure speech generating devices for four of the people supported in adult programs.

Although this has certainly been a challenging year, The Speech Dept. at The Arc Jefferson – St. Lawrence has worked together to learn more about teletherapy and strive to provide the best speech-language therapy.

Jefferson County
St. Lawrence County

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