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Employment Opportunities

The Arc Jefferson – St. Lawrence has multiple career options with a diverse range of jobs in both counties.

The Arc Jefferson - St. Lawrence is an Equal Opportunity Employer: Disabled/Veteran.

Agency Recruitment Hotline: 315-748-1863
(The Hotline is available most workdays from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for potential applicants with questions regarding employment with the agency. Please feel free to text or leave a message and allow up to 36 hours for response. Current staff may contact the Human Resources Dept. in their County with questions because this hotline is for recruitment purposes.)

Agency Benefits*


Vacation time accrues biweekly based on the below schedule as is available after 90 day probationary period.

Non Exempt/Hourly Exempt/Salary
0 through 2 years = accrue up to 2 weeks 0 to 4 years = accrue up to 3 weeks
plus 2 years through 4 years = accrue up to 2 weeks, 2 days plus 4 to 10 years = accrue up to 4 weeks
plus 4 years through 8 years = accrue up to 3 weeks plus 10 to 15 years = accrue up to 4 weeks, 2 days
plus 8 years up to 15 years = accrue up to 4 weeks Plus 15 to 20 years = accrue up to 4 weeks, 4 days
plus 15 years up to 20 years = accrue up to 4 weeks, 2 days plus 20 years = accrue up to 5 weeks
plus 20 years up to 25 years = accrue up to 4 weeks, 4 days  
plus 25 years = accrue up to 5 weeks  

In addition, employees earn floating holidays, personal time and NYS sick time.


Eligibility is the first of the month following 60 days of employment for Full time staff members.

MEDICAL INSURANCE – offered to only Regular Full time employees, High deductible plan with employer funded HRA to offset deductible.

DENTAL/VISION INSURANCE – offered to only Regular Full time employees. We offer 2 plans.


Agency paid Term Life Insurance for regular full time employees with the option to purchase supplemental term life policies for employee, spouse and dependents.
All regular Full Time employees are able to purchase these voluntary supplemental protection plans:

RETIREMENT SAVINGS - AIG – 403 (b) Plan - Contributions are based on a percentage of the employee’s salary on a pre-tax salary reduction basis. After one year of service, the agency will match up to 3% of the employee contribution. Depending on the length of service the agency will match up to 6% of the Employee Contribution. Any change to the contribution rate by the agency will be determined by the Board of Directors. Please note: Employee contributions with no match can be started at hire. Employer matching will begin at one year of service.


EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM – Pivot Employee Assistance Service provides confidential professional counseling and information services to help employees and eligible family members in the areas of: general stress, personal problems, marriage counseling, alcohol and drug abuse, family problems, job related counseling, parent-child problems, and credit counseling. Pivot Employee Assistance Service has been contracted to provide employees and their dependents, at no cost, with confidential assessment and referral to the appropriate professional services.


PRESCHOOL DISCOUNT – A 35% discount from the regular rate is offered to all regular employees who have children that attend our preschool programs.

YMCA – A 20% discount is offered to all regular employees who join the YMCA for a minimum period of 3 months. The employee may choose an Adult 1 or Adult 2, Senior, Single Parent, or a Family Membership. Membership includes the Fairgrounds YMCA and the Carthage YMCA. Employees must enroll for membership at the Downtown YMCA.

VERIZON WIRELESS – A 19% discount is offered to all employees on calling plans. Additional discounts are offered on accessories.

TUITION REIMBURSEMENT – Various levels of awards. Employees interested must fill out application packet for acceptance to the program. For employees employed 90 days up to one year, up to $500 is available in two increments of $250 per semester. For employees who have been employed Full time one year or longer, up to $2000 is available in a twelve month period. For each 5 years of service completed an additional $500 is available for the 12 month period with a signed commitment for at least 6 months of service to the agency. For part time employees one half of the above referenced amount is available.

LONGEVITY AWARDS – Regular status employees who reach 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, and 45 years with the agency during the calendar year will receive $150 for every 5 years of service. This is paid in the check following the actual anniversary date. Employees who are substitute or temp status do not have seniority and are not eligible for these awards or if an employee becomes a sub or temp status employee this will affect the seniority with the agency.

* Federal contract positions are subject to a different benefit package as outlined by each contract. Please contact Human Resources with questions or for more specific information at arcjobs@thearcjslc.org or call 315-379-9531 for St. Lawrence County positions and 315-788-2730 for Jefferson County positions.