Family Support Services

The Arc Jefferson - St. Lawrence's Family Support Services provides social, recreational and respite opportunities to individuals with an intellectual disablity that live with a family member. It also provides goods and services to families that need assistance maintaining a family unit.




Adult Program

The social/recreational program for adults occurs primarily in the Massena and Ogdensburg areas. People enjoy community activities in small groups or individually, depending upon personal interests. Activities include but are not limited to fishing trips, sports events, concerts, movies, overnight camping, shopping, dining out, etc.

Saturday Club

The Arc Jefferson - St. Lawrence has established a social/recreational program for youths. This program evolved at the request of parents who recognized that their children needed an opportunity for social and recreational activities separate from their school and home. Three monthly calendar of events is developed by the youth during their regularly scheduled meetings.

Respite Services

Respite service is available on an "as-needed" basis to families throughout the county. However, the primary focus is for aging parents with children residing at home. To our knowledge, The Arc Jefferson - St. Lawrence is the only provider in St. Lawrence County offering a social/recreational evening/weekend program. Respite services are a familiar concept to all of us in the health care field. Services are provided on a twenty-four hour basis to consumers and families on an as-needed basis. Dance at the Knights of Columbus is available in Canton monthly.

After School Program

The Arc Jefferson - St. Lawrence has an After School Program in the community. The Canton program serves individuals with special needs, ranging in age from 12 to 22. The group meets every Tuesday afternoon from 2:30-6:30pm. The program is year round and we provide transportation on days there is no school.

Each week is assigned different and interesting activities including: arts and crafts, sports, recreation and visiting places in the community. Activities are changed regularly to keep things new and exciting.

The program's goal is to provide social and recreational services for teens with special needs. Our mission is to utilize a school setting to provide the opportunity for teens to participate in peer group activities, make new friends, further develop leisure interests and to become familiar with community experiences. All activities are directed toward personal growth, development and enjoyment for the students.

We would like to implement an After School Program in several area schools. If you have interest, comments, concerns or questions, contact Robyn McCormick at (315) 379-0713.

SDH Programs

The Arc Jefferson - St. Lawrence has SDH programs Martial Arts at Canton every Monday and at MWC every Tuesday, and Zumba at MWC every Monday.

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