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SUNY Potsdam and The Arc Jefferson - St. Lawrence Co-Op Program

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Co-op is a great way for students to gain hands-on experience in the field with a multitude of disciplines, including: Clinical, Non-Profit Management, Direct Support, Theater, Dance, Art, and more. Co-op is for the mutual benefit of the individual we support, the agency, and the volunteer. Students receive specialized training which is also helpful for job references and may qualify as their required co-op. The Co-op does not ensure future employment with the agency, but may be used as a stepping stone for the future. Additionally, students have the opportunity to use their time and talents for a rewarding experience.


SUNY Potsdam Co-op Internship Testimonial


Leyshka Hernandez Luyanda
Matthew Carter

Leyshka Hernandez Luyanda & Matthew Carter


SUNY Potsdam Co-Op

This specialized co-op allows students to learn while working in The Arc Jefferson – St. Lawrence.

  • The agency will provide training and in-services in keeping with government and agency regulations, as well as any specialized training needed for an assigned activity.
  • The same respect paid to a staff member will be demonstrated to co-op.
  • The agency will provide for the personal and environmental safety of each student.
  • When applicable, a student will be provided with a letter of recommendation for present and future employment.
  • Students will be given the opportunity of attending various orientation programs or educational offerings toward benefiting their professional training or experience.
  • Evaluations will be provided.


Co-op Requirements

  • Regular attendance according to an agreed hours/time schedule will be maintained, with prior notification to the relevant co-op coordinator when absences are necessary, or calling in, regarding unforeseen absences. The student will sign-in upon arrival/departure according to the system established at the program site.
  • A student will maintain confidentiality relative to the individuals and agency issues.
  • Agency policy will be adhered to as with any agency staff member.
  • Each student will follow/carry out directives given relative to an assigned service.
  • Students are encouraged to provide the agency with feedback pertaining to his/her involvement with the agency and services provided.