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Volunteers are working

Volunteerism at The Arc Jefferson - St. Lawrence


Why Volunteer?

Volunteering gives people an opportunity to enrich the lives of others.  It also benefits the volunteer, by allowing an experience to learn new things, make new friends, build lifelong connections, and most importantly…have fun while making a difference! 



Volunteers, non-paid personnel, are generally persons from the community at large, members of service organizations or individuals seeking to satisfy requirements, such as students or persons assigned community services.  When an Agency establishes a Volunteer Program, there is a mutual benefit for the individual, the Agency and the volunteer.  The Agency is assisted in the maintenance and delivery of services.  Frequently, these services can be expanded, as more help is made available.  The individual benefits from the added personnel, not only from the services, but also from access to a very special community resource, people interested in them.  Volunteers receive training in the field, which is helpful as a job reference and for students, may qualify as necessary college credit.  Additionally, volunteers have the opportunity to use their time and talents for a rewarding experience. 


Volunteers Gain Valuable Experience!

“Staff were very welcoming and helpful. They helped make the experience educational and meaningful. They were great about explaining situations and how to approach situations appropriately and effectively.” - Fiona, SLU, Class of 2019

“I feel the experience was an incredibly rewarding, not only for me, but also for the individuals who participated. I feel I learned a lot about social equity, understanding others and even gained a significant understanding of myself over the duration.” -Robert, SLU, Class of 2019

“Coming to placement was always something I could look forward to. I always came out happier than when I went in. It’s one of the most loved placements on campus.” -Annie, SLU, Class of 2017

What Volunteers Mean to Us!

“I like talking to the volunteers. We talk about our favorite sports, they do Zumba with us and help me learn money skills. They are all my friends.” - Kaitlyn

“I like volunteers coming here because I make new friends and I learn about where they are from. It has helped me grow and teach others about my disability.” – Chris


Contact Info:

Jefferson County  
380 Gaffney Drive  
Watertown, New York 13601  

St. Lawrence County  
1942 Old DeKalb Road, Suite #1  
Canton, NY 13617