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Affected Individual Attestation

This message will go directly to The Arc Jefferson - St. Lawrence's compliance officer. No web administrator or any other person will see your message or be notified that it has been sent.
Subject: Corporate Compliance
Please read the following statements carefully and check the box if the statement applies to you.
I attest that I have read and understand The Arc Jefferson – St. Lawrence’s Compliance Standards of Conduct and the Compliance Plan Program Purpose and Overview. The following Compliance Policies and Procedures are available for my review: 502A Standards of Conduct; 502F Compliance Risk Assessment; 502G Reporting Compliance Concerns; 502H Whistleblower/Anti-Retaliation/Non-Intimidation; 502I False Claims; 504 Due Care in Assignment of Responsibilities; 504B Policy Regarding Conflicts of Interest; 505A Education and Training of Employees and Others; 506A Methods of Contact; 507A Discipline and Incentive Program; 508A Detecting and Responding to Violations, Voluntary Disclosures. The Arc Jefferson – St. Lawrence comprehensive Standards of Conduct are also available for my review.
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